About Me

I'm a lawyer.

I love BJJ (obviously) and cooking, reading, gardening, horseback riding, scuba diving, photojournalism, travel, and blogging.

I received my purple in July 2014 from Paulo "Coelho" Brandao, fifth degree blackbelt under Royler. I took a break from training in July 2016 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Had a mastectomy and am undergoing reconstructive surgeries and healing from all that. Returned to the mats in fall 2017 under Sean Cooper, also in Austin. Out of training again, with a pinched nerve in my lower back.

I received my blue belt in January 2009 from Relson Gracie and Phil Cardella.

If you want to use anything on this blog including my pictures, writing, or videos, please courteously write me a note and ask... and in return I'll ask that you credit me by linking to this blog.  But I still reserve all the rights in my photos, writing etc. for my own use.