Monday, November 13, 2006

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

We just got back from Dallas for the Dallas Salsa Congress, which was tiring but fun. Took some great workshops (Melissa's on ladies' styling was my favorite; also enjoyed SantoRico's turn pattern and Ismael Otero's chachacha footwork class.) However it's back to the grindstone today, minus a little time for Thanksgiving planning.

So far I have ten confirmed guests for dinner on Turkey Day-- plus another 3-8 possibles. I'm going to start really cooking/baking for this extravaganza this Wednesday with the cranberry-pear-ginger sauce and the spiced pecans with rum glaze, both of which keep very well. I have blocked out all of Wednesday and Thursday of course, dedicated to the never-achieved, always-hoped-for dream of a Thanksgiving meal where everything is ready on time and dinner is served hot and all at the same time. Somehow it always seems one thing or another takes too long, and honestly trying to make a full dinner with only one oven is a bit ridiculous.

I'm not doing a full turkey this year-- instead, two turkey breasts, and a spiral cut ham. But this is such a holiday-ish picture I had to include it.

Of course, double the recipe for the stuffing. (There's never enough leftover stuffing.)

The green beans, without canned cream of mushroom soup or boxed french-fried onions.

The afore-mentioned cranberry-pear-ginger sauce will be a nice touch I hope.

The desserts are always my favorite, starting with the Dark Chocolate-Caramel-Walnut Tart which takes 2-3 days to make.

The apple strudel is fortunately much easier.

I'm not going to bore you with photos of every dish. My friend Kevin arrives next Monday and I'm looking forward to his visit. Should be a good holiday!


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