Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas party preparations...

I'm swamped at work getting ready for the Hearn hearing in January, but also have to be planning the Christmas party in two weeks. I have the menu done, the recipes, and all the dishes arranged. Phew. Just have to do the grocery shopping and the cooking itself. I've done all the cookie doughs (they're in the freezer) and this weekend is the get-and-decorate-the-tree weekend. Pretty sad to have a tree up for one week, and I'll only be in the house 3 of those days. Oh well, it's worth it for the party. Then the day after I'll take the tree down since Mitch and I will be out of town for the whole holiday season.

Some of you might know I run a teeny-tiny catering business on the side... if anyone is interested, I'll be happy to make fudge or cookies for you to give as gifts! They're great for friends, childrens' teachers, the mailman, the babysitter, etc.

Everything is completely homemade, from pure, natural ingredients (no mixes, no artificial flavors) and guaranteed fresh.

The fudge comes in 4 varieties: milk chocolate, regular (semi-sweet) chocolate, mint, or pecan. An 8x8 pan's worth of fudge, in a nice box with ribbon, is $20. You can also give a smaller box (about 4-5 square inches of fudge) for $5.

I make 7 kinds of cookies: milk chocolate chip, with or without pecans or walnuts; sugar cookies; oatmeal raisin; oatmeal chocolate chip, and molasses; I charge $5/dozen.

I can fill orders from Dec 13-19.

Theoretically I have a website for my catering company,
  • The Schaeffer House
  • (named after my house) but it isn't completely finished yet.


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