Thursday, June 14, 2007

Too crazy busy to post...

Between the hearing I'm prepping for (last week of June plus a few days in July) and finding a carpenter to do our built-in bookshelves at the new house when the sellers move out (June 30), it's been crazy around here. Mitch's parents left Sunday evening, we're interviewing for our investigator position here at work, and I'm getting into the serious workaholic mode necessary before all hearings. Sadly too, my friend and second-chair, Katherine, is not attending the hearing as planned due to a spike in her workload plus serious illness in her family. So it's me and Carole by ourselves. That's fine, Carole is quite smart, but this is also her second-ever hearing, so it will be fun juggling the witnesses amongst ourselves.

On top of it all I'm still dealing with sadness over my friend Brian's death, plus the inevitable irksomeness of having my whole life in boxes stacked in Mitch's house. I will be happy to move in, unpack for a week, and get organized.

Once I can do that much, I'll feel better.

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