Friday, July 13, 2007

Moving, taxes, going to the dentist...

... all things which *can* be put off, but apparently the longer you wait between "sessions" the worse it gets.

I know I'm blessed with a wonderful life and I'm lucky to be moving into a beautiful house. However, I have to say I'm a little tired of it all. Between the pest guy who didn't do anything (meaning I had to call the company back, get another guy out there, and still he didn't have the right stuff in his truck, so I have to go back a third time today...) and the painters (more on them below) and the carpet cleaner (whose cleaning solution left my velvet couch feeling crusty and sticky-- so he's coming back today to rinse it out with fresh water)... it's just been a lot of running around.

The painting story: Majority of the house (interior) was painted with some kind of builder standard beige-- a cool, pinky beige to be exact. We wanted the entry repainted with the same color (lots of dings in the walls, and 2 stories, so hard for us to do) and then have the library (currently a faux painted red and gold) painted the beige too.

Owner of the painting company, a nice guy named Chuck, says "Oh yes, I know what color that is, it's Monarch Summertime, no problem."

Chief of our painting team, Richard, came out and said "No, that's not Summertime, we'll have to match it."

Mitch and Richard used a deck of paint chips, got the closest one, and the painters got started yesterday. I showed up in the afternoon, and it was just a hint lighter-- which meant that the entry looks almost white. That's fine, I don't care too much, the entry will have some furniture and art and whatever, so no biggie. But in the library, it felt cold and sterile and utterly UNcosy. So this morning I have to hustle over to the paint company and buy 3 gallons of something warmer.

Aside from that unfortunate, no-one's-fault kind of thing... they generally did a good job so far, though of course Mitch and I cruised around the house with a little yellow stickie pad in hand, noting places with touchup needs.

I decided to take today off, in part because I am pretty cool at work and in part because Mitch's kitchen could take all day. I did about 5 boxes' worth last night and another 2 this morning, and I'd say it's about 1/3-1/2 done. As I've said before, we have different packing styles. The living room looks like we mostly still live here-- the CDs and stereo are already packed, and so are the art tiles over the fireplace, but the TV/DVD are still hooked up, my honey's paperwork and receipts and bills etc are still covering the coffee table, and (ahem) my clean bluejeans are still draped over the back of the loveseat, next to a pile of his clean socks. (Never quite finished putting away laundry.)

Anyway, it's an adventure. But I just called the paint store and they open in 20 min, so I better get moving.


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