Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All settled in...

The housewarming pool party was last weekend and I think it went very well. Lots of friends, good sangria (if I do say so myself), and good weather. Some folks hung around for dinner, just burgers on the grill and some potato salad etc.

I was very happy with my first experience making ice cream from scratch-- turns out the ideal mechanism to convey the ice cream to the mouth is two cookies :) In this case, it was vanilla ice cream with reverse chocolate chip cookies (chocolate cookies, white chocolate chips). I will have to play around and experiment with that! I'm thinking gingersnaps, but made so they stay chewy, with caramel ice cream :) Or maybe sugar cookies and key lime pie ice cream...

Anyway, we had Nicole in from Houston for the weekend too, and that made it all the better. Now this weekend we'll be in Houston for a fantastic salsa event, with Eddie Torres in from NYC and Francisco Vasquez from LA.

Monday night we met with Father Larry to set a date for the wedding. I was actually giddy in the church office! He did give us a little hard time for living together before the wedding, but we explained it wasn't a "trial period" arrangement, and I think he knew better than to keep pushing. It's not feasible to have any other living arrangement anyway. And besides, I feel like I'm already married in my heart-- the marriage ceremony is for friends and family.

So thus begins the wedding planning! I've already decided on a dress, the hair, the caterer (I think.) We have a tasting coming up next week, and if it's good, we will go with her.

Anyway I have a pile of work to get to, so that's it for now :)

There's a new function on this blog, to add video, so here's a favorite of mine-- Magna and Ismael in a fun performance. Magna's husband Jareau (who filmed this) edited it to go back and forth between the practice video (daytime, casual clothes) and the performance (at night, matching outfits.) It's just one example of how fabulous Magna and Ismael are when they dance together-- though they're fabulous pretty much no matter who they dance with, they're doubly good together! Enjoy!

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