Sunday, December 07, 2008

NAGA Texas Championships-- results

Our team did great but I didn't write down everyone's results :(

I lost my first/only no-gi match-- it went really fast! She got the takedown, took my my back and RNC'd me pretty fast. I screwed up in 2 crucial spots and gave up about 40 seconds in. I saw stars and heard the ocean; it sucked. It also gave me a mean headache for the rest of the day.

However, I won my division in gi!! Whoooo =) And even though I just watched the footage, I'm still not recalling clearly what kind of sloppy takedown I got in which match; I don't think I got a takedown in one of them and I think I got one in the other. I do know that my first match I was up on points 17-0 and I finished with an ezequiel from mount. Second match, I'm pretty sure I did a horrible version of the Jacare-style takedown, where I drop to my knees and go for an ankle pick... I scramble around pretty whitebeltishly but usually seem to be at least somewhat in control, got a couple reversals (which of course means I was getting reversed, but I felt her momentum and went with it better than I usually do)... at one point, in mount, I get her in a solid americana and started applying pressure.. gradually more, finally I was really afraid of going too hard, and she turned right out of it! So that means my technique was all wrong! But that gave me her arm for a hell choke.

I won a sword, too. It is a "real" ninja sword-- it even says on the box "Sword of the Ninja." LOL.

So I will sleep, get up, work on the way back to Austin tomorrow, and then head to Beaumont. Don't expect much in the way of blogging while I'm doing this hearing. I finished the cross of their big expert last night and will likely be using every spare moment to prep for other witnesses.

Things to work on:
NO-GI!!! everything, esp. takedowns
Takedowns with gi
RNC and rear mount defense
timing mount from side control
keeping my hips lower in side

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