Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little sore...

My grips are quite sore, and my knees and left shoulder feel a bit tweaked as well. Yesterday I rolled nogi with guys at the following weights... 250, 210, 190, 185 and 170. It's sad when the guy who has 40 lbs on you is the lightweight :) It was fun, though I definitely played inverted smash a bunch. I actually got an elevator sweep on the biggest guy (didn't hurt that he was also the least experienced) and I am reminded that it's better to try for sweeps on smaller, lighter people till you get your technique down, because you really need as-perfect-as-possible technique to loft the biggest people.

I'm telecommuting today, waiting on some car repairs, and excited to get back on the mats. No one showed up to teach class this morning, so I have to go a whole 21 hours between jits fixes. Boo.

I'm super proud and excited to announce a new sponsorship-- is going to tie dye a gi for the Red Menace! I can't wait to show pictures. They'll do your own gi, or source the gi and dye it, to your specifications. Check this out!

This weekend, I'll be cruising to Dallas for NAGA Europa, but I doubt I'll compete. I am just not in the mood to be bottom of the blue belt barrel right now... I am enjoying playing around and experimenting as opposed to drilling anything like a go-to series, which is what I'd need for competition. When I was a whitebelt, "pass mount choke" worked. Yes, it also works for blackbelts like Roger. Since I'm in that awkward in-between stage that will likely last years, I'm going to chill and watch and hobnob with friends. Then I'll pick up our 12 yr old niece, Sarah, and cart her back to Austin for a week of fun. Sunday is the Relson Gracie tournament here in Austin, for which I will be timing and maybe making brackets.

Still 100+ temps almost every day. Love summer!


Jadon Ortlepp said...

I feel you on the bottom of the barrel feeling. I suppose the best thing is just to get out their, but as much as we try we can never really kill our ego's.
Nice tie dye!

Steve said...

Very cool! I look forward to seeing your new gi. Rolled in my gray SYR today and felt pretty good.