Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Controlling the hips... essay and videos

Just found a post this summer by Small Axe BJJ on how to effectively control the hips. I haven't watched the videos yet... but wanted to share.

Here's a sampling:

"Combat Mount, High-Side, or “Rickson” (whatever you want to call it)- this position is a great strategy to employ on an opponent determined to elbow escape from your mount. Again, the secret to making the High-Side a valuable position is controlling your opponent’s hip movement. Watch how I demonstrate a method to tighten down your high-side."

Whatcha think?


SkinnyD said...

Those Small Axe guys make some good stuff. I referenced a video series they did a while back about how judo balance (kuzushi???) principles apply in BJJ and tied it in with a number of sweeps. It was really quality.

Zen Mojo said...

...pretty good vid. I also use my shoulder/chest to pressure the back of their shoulder - it lets me let go of the "gift wrap" on that arm reach around the neck for the far collar and lock up the choke right there or fall back for a bow-and-arrow choke.