Thursday, December 30, 2010

Women- jits round robin Jan 15th, entry fee only $15

From Rafael Perez and the Texas Submission League: any female competing in the Adult Women's Division will be able to compete in the Texas Sub League Tournament on January 15th in San Antonio for $15 if they register by 01/07/11. It is a round robin tournament so if there are 6 competitors in your division, you will have five matches. Please let him know if you are wanting to compete. You can register online using the coupon code WOMAN15 which expires at midnight on 1/7/11. They are looking forward to building up a healthy competition in the woman's division. Any females interested, just have them contact Rafael at or they can call him at 210-461-7201.

Men can enter for $40, kids for $30. It will be held at Brazil Top Team in San Antonio and the next Sub League tourney is March 5.


Anonymous said...

Statistics say that Austin is the place to be. According to my site stats, your blog is the place to be. I got about 30 referals from your site alone last week. THANKS!!!

I also need a favor. I need some advice on my Game Plan 2011 and Task List - January. Can you check my train of thought and let me know if it's functional and logical from an experienced point of view. Don't be afraid to say, "Hey girl, are sniffing glue? There is no way that will work!"
Thanks and Happy New Year!

Georgette said...

Hahaha happy to help! :-) I'll happily take a look tomorrow... am traveling back to Austin today. I am flattered you'd ask my opinion. Come visit some weekend- would love to train with you. And I have plenty of room at the house, you're welcome to stay here.