Thursday, November 10, 2011

Homework assignment: gameplan

As assigned by JoshJitsu:

From Feet:
a variety of judo throws/footsweeps, executed poorly if at all, depending on what they give me... nothing as pretty as a seoi nage though
single legs or double legs to reaps
ankle picks
Monkey flips

From Knees:
Ankle pick to side control
Seated guard to butterfly/hook sweep
or to spider guard> sweep
or half guard >old school sweep
Loop Choke

Opponent’s Guard:
Guard break via whatever method followed by knee-through pass
From halfguard, Mendes Bros or Donald/Daniel pass
Standup with knee or ankle control -> Toreador pass to side control

Opponent’s Butterfly guard:
Daniel pass
Marcelo pass

My Butterfly:
Over/Under sweep
Armdrag to the Back.
Loop choke

My Guard: (my pitiful whitebelt guard)

My primary goal is always to sweep or take the back. I want to get on top. I threaten chokes and armlocks to force them to defend, then take advantage of their reactions.
• Lately, I have had good luck with a deep overhook to a shoulder lock, then I use their reaction to shoot for a standard armbar, and from there, the omoplata.
If people are posturing away from me I go for a whitebelt killer, then try for guillotines (I like Marcelotines!) when they sit low and heavy as a counter. I also tend to get cross collar grips, or if they’re huge and hard to close guard around, at their first insistence on breaking the guard, I shoot back to feet on hips and aim at spidery sweeps.

In Mount:
Americana, mounted triangle, armbar, ezequiel
technical mount to the back (my favorite)
transition to north-south, to a NS choke.

Rickson’s mount escape
knee to elbow to halfguard and sweep from there

Half Guard Bottom:
90% of the time I get lockdown -> whipup -> Old School/Plan B
10% of the time I get passed Relson-style (they face my feet) and I am screwed

Half Guard Top:
Daniel/Donald pass
brutal shoulder pressure in their throat sometimes becomes a choke>tap

Side Control Top: (my favorite)
Isolate both arms and continually attack both so they don’t know what to defend. Most common submissions– farside americana, straight armlock, or spinning armbar; nearside straight armlock; papercutter choke; transition to NS

Side Control Bottom:
shrimp to guard, sometimes I get a shin sweep from here
turtle up and sit to guard
reverse them by trapping headside arm and shoving head towards my hips, then rolling

Back Mount:
RNC (1 or 2 arms), cross collar choke, arm-behind-head collar choke
Fredson choke

Back Mounted:
Strip hook on strong side, get shoulders to mat, then stiffarm their lead knee, shrimp out and come up to side control (ideal) or get knees up to intercept mount attempt and regain guard- always watching to ankle lock them

I don’t play this much, sometimes in a tournament as a handy points-grabber from side control

Bottom KOB:
Tanaka’s shrimp escape


Kintanon said...

I demand that you turn 90% of those technique names into links which point to videos of said technique, because I have NO IDEA what half of your game consists of based on what you wrote. >:)

Also, is that REALLY your "A" game? Do you attempt most of those techniques at least once per rolling session?

Rollo The Coach said...

Great gameplan, and great idea to list it out. You have some pretty advanced moves in there, good for you. I couldn't help but compare to what I do, and my game compared to yours is like Bam Bam. Get them to the ground them bam, bam, bam.

Georgette said...

Kintanon, I demand that you come here and finish the brief due 11/28, so I have time to prowl through youtube ;)

More likely, I'll try to videotape me doing these moves sometime over the Christmas holidays. Mitch and I are visiting the inlaws and we'll be 3 miles from Drysdale's place :)

The whole thing isn't my A game. I'd say my A game is top side control, and bottom halfguard. I attempt 70-80% of them during any given open mat (like a 1-2 hr time period) but in a specific rolling situation I probably only attempt 30-40% of those. And land about as many.

Thanks Rollo, but you know, I didn't say I do these *well* or even *adequately*-- this is just what I most commonly attempt to do. I am very frequently like Bam Bam-- why.won'

Kintanon said...

My argument would start with tomoe nage and end with a baseball bat choke. I'm not sure that would work...

And yeah, by "rolling session" I meant 1-2 hours of open mat. Not just a single roll. That would, indeed, be epic.

The Part Time Grappler said...

This is huge! I love it.

I could never focus on all that :) I usually pick one thing and work it for 4-6 months (which is the equivalent of about 70-80 sessions) so to work on my mount escapes, I started every roll from mount bottom for 6 months. The nice thing is that that helped my half guard and guard game as well as the moves were more or less the same :)

Make sure you send me the link to the video of you rolling.

Georgette said...

Liam, this certainly is a lot. I am definitely not actively drilling each and every thing every training session. This is just an account of what my game consists of at this point in time :)