Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Watch this Wednesday- Miyao v. Grippo, Pan 2013

Just got back last night from the Pan.  What a great week!  Arrived last Tuesday, worked as ring coordinator supervisor Wednesday-Sunday.  Didn't get to watch many full matches, but saw lots of snips here and there and as always, the majority of matches come down to the guard.  I had a fantastic time, met lots of new friends and old ones, and happily saw a TON of Liz Sussan's "United" (against rape) patches on women and men alike.  Hopefully I can go to Worlds too.  Looks like I will be at the NY Open April 20 and the Dallas Open May 5, as well.

So here's a fun one to watch, from the Pan.  Gianni Grippo v. Paulo Miyao.  Enjoy.

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