Friday, October 04, 2013

The rape trial of Matthew Maldonado and Nicholas Shultz, October 7

Next Monday, October 7, the trial of Matthew Maldonado and Nicholas Shultz begins in Washington DC.

Couple links to refresh your recollection... here's the local ABC channel report.

Fight Opinion's piece with lengthy quotes from what I believe was the arrest warrant.

A brief Bloody Elbow piece on the indictment with a link to their full story stream.

Cage Potato.

And a Washington Times article.

Sadly because of the recent deaths in my family, travel and work pressures, I will not be able to be there with the survivor and her family as they go through this process.  But I do understand that the defense plans on presenting a vigorous attack and will likely claim either that she consented or that the guys could not have known she was not consenting.  I'm not going to go into further detail here because the jury may not be sequestered so who knows what googling they're going to do.

In any case, I will try to keep you updated with whatever information I'm able to gather, from people there and so on.

I wish the survivor all the peace, strength and courage of her convictions possible.  Best wishes to you honey.


dardar23 said...

Excuse me. ALLEGED rape, first of all. And "survivor" is not the proper description until the trial is over. We aren't sure who the real victim or VICTIMS are yet. Don't bullsh*t me about a video either. You didn't see it. Nobody but people involved in the trial did. If you respect Jiu Jitsu than you should respect every member of it's community.

Georgette said...

Dardar23: I don't have to respect every member of the jiu jitsu community just because I love BJJ. I have zero respect for Lloyd Irvin, his minions, and any other practitioner who abuses others. That includes Maldonado and Shultz regardless of verdict or no.... why? Because I know what's on both of those videos, having spoken to people (from the jungle house and from outsiders) who did see them. So, thanks for playing.... next?

dardar23 said...

Right. Having spoken to people. Big game of telephone. You've seen and know nothing. NEXT. Get off your high horse. Everyone is so quick to jump to the defense of the girl right? Anyone can make a stupid mistake or in this case TWO mistakes and throw around accusations because they dont want to look like a slut. Well sorry sport but this young girl's reputation is not worth the life of at least one of these men. You don't know shit.

dardar23 said...

Btw you're arrogant and completely out of line taking it upon yourself to publicly "convict" these two men on your own. Stick to what you know and keep on with your mindless babble about jiu jitsu. Leave law to the courts.

Georgette said...

Hey, Jar Jar Binks-- you're an idiot. I'm a prosecutor.

The truth be told said...

Georgette, as a prosecutor your job and duty is to find out the "Truth". You just don't try to convict someone based on hearsay. I sat through the opening statements, saw the videos, listened to all of the expert testimony, listen to all the witness's that testified, listened to the CW's testimony, and all of the prosecutors witness's. This looks and sounds like the girl was shamed and embarrassed and to save face she accused Schultz of raping her. What a cop out.

Victoria said...

Hey Georgette would you mind keeping us updated on the verdict?

Unknown said...

Free on all counts!!! Yes!!!
You should be ashamed of yourself Georgette, convicting these men without all the info.
Was is a good thing? NO. was it smart? no. but it was legal and consensual.
The "victim" (and I use quotation marks because Maldonado and Shultz are the real victims here) was caught lying under oath over a dozen times.