Friday, September 22, 2006

Pictures from the Salsa Event in Houston

These photos come to us courtesy of Adriana, a good friend in Houston, who is so good about capturing these events and sharing her pictures!

Here's a shot of (part of) the dance floor during the social dancing part of the evening--

Here's Betty, our gracious hostess for the weekend, dancing with Roy, one of the best dancers in Austin.

This is the Master, Eddie Torres, teaching his after-performance impromptu class, with the help of the fantastic salsera Kimberly Rivera (also fantastically costumed!)

This is Jessica, director of the performance group Salsa Passion of Dallas, during one of the performances:

This is Jessica, me, and her boyfriend Joel (also a director of Salsa Passion) during the barbecue party on Sunday afternoon:

We had a great time!

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