Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Upcoming events..

First, I saw a funny bumpersticker this morning: Stop mad cowboy disease. Heehee!

Second-- this weekend I'll be in Florida with Mitch, visiting my family and his. My dad's elder brother Louis and his wife Orie live in Naples, and Mitch's cousins live a few blocks away. His cousin Sharon is having a surprise 50th birthday party-- and then Monday we go to Boca Raton to visit my mother's sister Pat. I need to take care of the rental car arrangements this morning and I have a ton of work to do here in the office... have an evidentiary hearing in Dallas Sept. 18-20. The case is Faryion Wardrip, two books have been written about him, and it should be pretty interesting.

Third, I went kayaking last night! It was my first time and it's hard to get the hang of it. Especially because the rental kayaks are the short, wide ones for better tip-resistance, which means I whacked my fingers on the sides with every stroke of the paddle. That sucked, but it was gorgeous to go down Town Lake where I'd never been before-- It's a jungle-y canyon right in the middle of downtown. Plus the weather couldn't have been better, since it rained yesterday and it was beautifully cool and breezy. So I anticipate being sore later today and tomorrow, but I can't wait to try again soon.

Anyway, back to the mines...

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