Monday, March 19, 2007

Full price offer for my house!

Sorry I have been lax in posting. We had a young couple very interested in the house-- the wife came out to see it 3 times-- and they were considering making an offer, but last Friday the 16th my realtor had a realtors' open house and luncheon, and one of the attendees loved the house. Loved it so much she advised her Houston clients to make an offer sight-unseen. It was going to be a less-than-asking offer, but because we had this young couple on the line, the Houston folks ended up making a full price, CASH offer yesterday!

I got to meet their agent and learn a little more about them. They're the Collinses, and the husband is CEO of nineteen companies. They already own two historic properties in Bastrop, including the fabulous brick mansion known as the Judge Page estate right up the street from my house. They want my house for their weekend guests. Apparently they have more money than God and will have a whole team of caretakers, gardeners, etc. So my primary worry (that my house wouldn't be well cared for and preserved) was put to rest. I wish it was going to someone who would love it all the time-- but I'm not going to be that picky. I signed the offer and assuming all goes well in the next 7 days (the option period) I will be closing on April 18th.

So, today after work Mitch and I are looking at houses with Jim, our agent. My work deadlines are sheer insanity for the next few months-- but hopefully between moving, packing, new house, and everything else I'll still be alive in August, which is when it looks like Mitch and his parents will be going to the Philippines. If I'm still breathing, I'll be going with them!

So that's it for today. I still have eighty million pictures to post-- the ice storm from January, Christmas and New Years, and all the final photos of my baby.

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