Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Other stuff

In fact there is life outside the house-hunt!

Last weekend we were in Houston for a great free concert-- incredible Latin Jazz and salsa pianist Larry Harlow played with the Houston youth group "Caliente" and it was a wonderful performance. Great weather too! We stayed with our friend Jerome in his new and fabulous townhouse. Sunday morning Mitch and I had dim sum with my friend Dr. K and his wife and two sons (and one son's girlfriend)... yum!

But the weekend before we were in Houston also, for the Texas Salsa Congress. Here's just two pics...

Me, Mitch, and one of his salsa students from Austin, Meredith.

And here's our pal from Dallas, Jessica, dancing with someone I don't know...

I wish I had more pictures (of course these were pinched from Adriana!) but I was too busy dancing :)

Today we go to the inspection on the new house; yesterday was the inspection on mine. Turned up a small foundation problem, but they're getting bids on the cost to fix it and we extended the option period to Thursday to accomodate. Cross your fingers!

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