Wednesday, April 18, 2007


One down, one to go. Tuesday the movers came and did a great job-- my furniture and numerous boxes completely stuffed the 24' truck from top to bottom. It was drizzling all day but the guys shrinkwrapped all my furniture so it was very well protected. I ordered pizza for them, but they didn't stop to eat. It still took 10 hours, but the price was very reasonable ($869) compared to other quotes. I gave them both good tips so I think we all ended up happy. I was tickled pink to not have to lug all that heavy stuff around. Plus they were better prepared than I ever would have been with the blankets, shrink wrap, dollies etc.

Fortunately I remembered the attic... found a few things I would have been sad to lose including some photos, scrapbooks, notes, and so on.

Closing was this morning at 8:15. I went to the house early, swept and mopped and vacuumed, and generally tried to give the best karma I could to the new owners. They had already signed their half of the paperwork, so I didn't get to meet them, but the closing for me was smooth as silk. I was out of there before 9am and in my office by 9:35.

I'm pooped, though, and I think it's emotional more than physical. I'm on my way home now, to meet Mitch and go for a hike in the greenbelt behind his house. Then we'll broil a steak, move some boxes around, and watch a moooooo-vie. (You wouldn't believe how crowded his guest room, dining room, and garage are now... just as if someone had crammed 2000 sf worth of stuff in there..!)

One of these days I'll put up the photos of the azaleas at their finest.

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