Monday, April 16, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Here's the latest: this past weekend was my last in Bastrop. Everything is packed and ready for the movers, who arrive tomorrow morning at 8:30. I still need to doublecheck the garage attic space, but I think we're all set. Once they're done loading the truck, they will go to Austin and Mitch will supervise them putting stuff in his house and garage. Meanwhile, I will clean the house and go to the title company to turn in my keys and all the instruction manuals, warranties etc for the house, and sign my name OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Sadly the title company has me with my full middle name too. My right hand will be a quivering mess when I'm done, I'm sure. I'm taking tomorrow and Wednesday off... and I'll spend Wednesday sorting and organizing and recovering.

It wasn't as sad as I expected. I stood in the backyard and breathed in very deeply-- the scents of the grass, honeysuckle, the jasmine, and the roses were lovely, and the sound of the fountain was peaceful and charming. At the same time, I was happy to never have to clean out the algae in the fountain again. I am happy to never have to dig out millions of trumpetvine sprouts again. And I am happy to not worry about crazy bills because the house is uninsulated.

I do worry that the Collinses (the buyers) will not water the ivy plants hanging on the front porch... or that they will be careless and scare away the wren who has built a nest and laid an egg in the hanging pot... or that they won't put up a hummingbird feeder. (I saw two blackthroated hummers, one in the backyard in the salvia, and one on the side in the azaleas.) I made a long list of all the things they should know-- but they won't even be at the closing. I hope they love the house, if not the way I do, at least as well as I do.

I took a walk Saturday night-- checked out the downtown main street, had a glass of wine with my friends Curtis and Anita, and looked at the house Julia Roberts is living in while filming her next movie, Fireflies in the Garden. Yes, Julia and her kids are here in Bastrop :) So that was cool. I wandered down by the Collinses' home on Pecan and looked at the tents being set up for their Sunday gala for the Art Guild. I prayed that they would take as much care with my little baby (their "guest house") as they obviously do with the big brick mansion. And I thanked God and all the stars that my house went to some really rich people who love historic homes.

Mitch came out Sunday morning and we enjoyed breakfast at Maxine's. We'd just missed Julia Roberts and her kids, which was kind of fun, thinking about a big movie star just enjoying small town life the way we do. (Mitch and I will be going to Maxine's again, no fear.) Mitch helped me load up his car with lots of stuff, a cooler from the freezer, boxes etc. Then he scooted home to clean out the garage.

David and his kids came over Sunday afternoon and very kindly helped me take two truck-loads over to the Ladies of Charity, then he took some things for himself. The kitchen table is darling, but a little country and a little small for the new breakfast room, whereas David has a tiny little kitchen that needs it. It was nice to interact with him for more than 30 seconds-- fortunately we are still very friendly. His kids have gotten big, but it's weird-- in one moment they look the same as when I first met them 5 years ago, and the next, they look shockingly mature and teenager-ish. Anyway it was nice to see them and have a little more closure.

I have meetings and committments all week but the weekend looks nice and relaxing. I am honestly looking forward to a weekend with just ONE house to worry about.

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