Friday, June 19, 2009

-5.6 and wanting sweeps...

I'm trying to start every sparring session by imagining my opponent as a table, and all I gotta do is control one or two legs of it to knock it over. Being smashed (flat, or on my side) by the table is getting in the way, but I am eternally optimistic. However if I don't leave the house pronto, I'll miss my first opportunity of the day-- so I'm off.

And yeah, that's -5.6 lbs since 6/12. Yay. Last night I made some really good spaghetti sauce (fresh basil, oregano and a tiny bit of rosemary from the garden) and I'm looking forward to dinner tonight-- probably outside the diet but I'll only eat half-- a Cuban roast pork sandwich at Havana Calle 6. Yum.

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2Old said...

Congrats on the weight loss.

I have also tried creative visualization. I try to imagine my opponent as a big dumb heavy punching bag, just lying on top of me, and I'm going to nimbly hip escape, and climb to his back. Unfortuntately the bag has had a high success rate with chokes and arm bars, but I'm still working on the visualization!