Thursday, June 25, 2009


I haven't been posting because I've been tearingly busy. Have a deadline at work for Friday that's kept my mind very occupied, then when I get home at night I'm too pooped to pop, even to pop on the internet for five minutes.

I've been training when I can, but it's not enough. Weight is going back up, up, up and it didn't help that I went out of town for a work conference, so I missed workouts and ate things I shouldn't have. So, now I'm back home and really motivated to get back on the strict bandwagon with that "biggest loser" contest firmly in mind. I'm not even going to post where the weight is relative to the start, at least not till I'm back on the right path.

Jits has been great lately-- despite the triple-digit temps-- and I'm starting to get sweeps on a mental level. I swear I have to see things/have things shown to me at least five separate times before it has a chance of clicking. But I'm keeping on with the practice. I have a couple minor ows-- the fourth toe on my right foot just started hurting for no apparent reason, and my neck is tweaked again-- but otherwise I'm in good condition despite carrying all the extra weight. I need to start Robert's crossfit class every day again.

My garden is liking the summer weather but my tomatoes are still not ripe, and my gardenia buds still haven't opened.

I'm busy thinking about my best friend Heather who is officially due tomorrow for the birth of their second child (their first is adopted, so it's also kind of their first.) Very exciting!


Viro said...

How's your friend doing? June 26th is a great day to have a birthday! I know this because my daughter is two today. :)

Good luck with your weight contest, but please stay safe.

Georgette said...

Thanks! She's fine as far as I know-- I need to call a little later tonight. Congrats and happy birthday to your little one!

As for the weight thing, I'm being careful and healthy. When necessary (for a tournament) I can drop weight fast, but this is more of a steady-wins-the-race kind of thing. Thank you for your concern :)