Thursday, July 29, 2010

So much new stuff!!!!

My head's busting open with nifty new stuff to work on (as well as old stuff of course.)

Last night, got my judo on with Spencer. Spencer's just about the nicest person you could imagine. By trade he is a massage therapist but he's also a brown belt in judo under his dad, whose blackbelt is so old and frayed there's hardly any black threads left around the white core. Soooo, we worked on my steering wheel foot sweep from my retarded side... the two seoi nages that work for me.. a followup to a failed seoi nage.. 3 versions of the tomoe nage... it was all fun.

Then this morning, Max taught. He's a purple from LA under Octavio Couto, in town for the summer, and he has such a different style from us. I love it. We covered 3 passes for the sit up guard, then what I think of as the beginning and end of a choke series that brackets a choke Max taught me a couple weeks ago, from N/S turtle. Most of the time when I have to do rolling chokes or anything that involves substituting up and down or one side and the other, I just flail and screw it up. Somehow, someway, this choke series makes sense to my brain, and I love it. Dunno if I'll ever fully land it, but I have been trying for the center piece ever since, and I'm looking forward to trying it on some unsuspecting whitebelt soon in a theater near me.

Then at lunch, I drilled and rolled with a new whitebelt guy who is so super sweet. And a redhead. I actually felt like I had a closed guard offense for once, mainly because he's really slim as well so it wasn't a struggle to lock my guard. I was quite proud-- some triangles, armbars, a near omoplata, a cross collar choke, two back takes, two pendulum sweeps, a near whitebelt killers and a near kimura. Of course he got a couple near passes too!

All good stuff.


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The Part Time Grappler said...

A great time was had by all :o)