Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This masterpiece is just about the funniest thing I've read all day long. All week, in fact.  I challenge you to read it and not laugh out loud.

I will note that I am the goddess of scones.... some of you may know this already.

 And then there's the pterodactyl on Oatmeal. Who knew?


DagneyTaggert said...

Holy crap that was HILARIOUS!

SkinnyD said...

We must frequent some of the same blogs. Hyperbole and a half is absolutely hilarious stuff.

A.D. McClish said...

HAHAHA That made my afternoon. That is me with coffee.

SavageKitsune said...

I *still* totally act like that about sweets, at my age. I'm convinced that it's from being deprived as a kid. If our parents had just GIVEN us the damn cake, we wouldn't all be in therapy today.