Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting serious about passing scissor guard.

I had a lovely weekend near Dallas, visiting with my husband's family and seeing the preemie twins again.  Of course, didn't train, and sat around eating, so of course, gained weight back (but I'm pretty sure it's water weight.)  There's an IBJJF tournament in Houston next month, the Houston Open, and I'm semi-thinking about competing in it.  Not motivated, not excited, but out of a feeling of duty (since it's been since August!)  In which case, I'd really like to be 15-20 lbs lighter, one month from today.

Knowing that it IS possible for me to drop 20 lbs that fast, but knowing I will have all the internet howling at me not to mention my stomach and my husband, I'm going to be reasonable and settle for "sensibly lose as much as I can by then and not worry about competing."  So, I'll be blogging my usual stuff, and then at the end, I'll post what I have eaten or what I ate the day before, and how much I trained, and where the weight is, relatively speaking.

This morning's training was all right... nothing to write home about.  Still having a hard time getting around that stupid fucking knee in scissor guard, but hey, I burned some calories.

And just for fun, almost 40 minutes of Christian Graugart rolling. I like his invert guard. :) He'll be coming to Austin as one stop on his BJJ world tour next summer!

Headed to lunch open mat now, then an afternoon full of work before taking my parents-in-law to the airport.

So far today: roughly an hour of rolling, 1.5 slices of banana nut bread.

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The Part Time Grappler said...

Haha I love the passion!

That stupid fucking knee in scissor guard. Haha it makes laugh just to read it as I type it!