Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Out of it.

I haven't trained hard in a while and I miss it. By training hard, I mean training 3x a day, doing conditioning at lunch, timed rounds and round robins and shark tanks and such. I had a pile of stuff blow up at work which took me off the mats again (this whole real world thing is the pits... how dare it interfere with my jiu jitsu?) and then wanted to celebrate my third anniversary by taking a little mini-vacation with my husband to a bed & breakfast on the riverwalk in San Antonio. I will post pictures of that trip, and my anniversary gifts, soon. I am back in Austin now, back at my desk, and trying to be back on the mats again tonight.

Sadly, I am back to being FAT again, so I don't plan on competing in Dallas on May 8. However, I'm sufficiently annoyed with being out of shape that I might be able to make weight for Mundials, and if I can, I will compete as well as work it.

I will point out that we REALLY need to get gis, money, tshirts, or whatever other donations you think would be appropriate put together for the Moldova program.

Bobby asked me:
"Anybody out there know anything about starting a website with a "donate" button (and also a way to give money back in case it doesn't get used)?"

Please, comment, tell me what you can.

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A.D. McClish said...

I would like to help out. I think the donate button is a good idea. Oh, and have a nice trip with your hubby. :)