Friday, April 29, 2011

OK, fine, I signed up.

I wasn't going to compete at the Dallas Open, the next IBJJF tournament in Texas on May 8th, because I've slacked off a bit in the workout department and been eating like a condemned criminal, as I noted.

But thanks to my friend Steve, I was manipulated and guilted into signing up today. I looked on the website (today being the last day to sign up) and there's only 4 women blue belts total! Two plumas (Lana and my teammate Rebecca), a middle-heavy named Misty that I haven't met yet from Nova Uniao, and Yas Soto, a heavyweight who I've been friendly with for years. So, I signed up for middle-heavy and absolute. I want as many matches as I can get for my $97! But I am scared-- though not sure what of. I know that my opponent will not "come at me" intending to hurt me, and I know that jiu jitsu was designed for the smaller opponent to be able to prevail. So what's my big deal?! Just shut up and roll, girl :)

This weekend looks good-- Cleber Luciano, who my husband's academy is now affiliated with, is teaching a seminar on Saturday. He's smaller and a Royler blackbelt so I am eager to see and learn from him. Then Saturday night is a great UFC card (yay GSP!) I'm trying to find ways to fill up the weekend with other stuff so that we can't find time to clean out the garage-- but I know it's better for my car to be able to fit inside it, instead of being outside baking in the sun. So *sigh* I'll try to get some of that done too.

Gotta run-- already late for lunch open mat. Have a good one!!! :) :)


Dev said...


The Part Time Grappler said...

a small royler g black belt? ask him questions about escaping side control so we can compare notes :)

best of luck in Dallas.

Dolph said...

Definitely a good decision!

Unfortunately, I won't be there because no galo purple belts are registered on the Athlete's list at this point. I didn't want to buy a plane ticket and get a hotel to just weigh in.

Georgette said...

@Dolph- they extended the reg deadline to May 1 and haven't (to my knowledge) updated the lists since April 26. Lame. That's a problem. I wish you were coming!

Oh well, see ya at Mundials! :>

Anonymous said...

Good luck in Dallas!!!

Shark Girl said...

Good for you!!