Monday, March 26, 2012

Check out the Science of Skill!

I was recently interviewed as a "top BJJ nerd" by Dan over at ScienceofSkill and I have to say, it's a mesmerizing blog. Mesmerizing because he links to so much cool stuff, and subdivides his content nicely too. There's a section on MicroBJJ for the little guy (and of course, sections about Robson Moura and the Mendes Brothers) as well as performance psychology, skill acquisition, fight strategy... I really dig it :) So I've added Dan's blog to my blogroll (and to my list of reasons the workday doesn't seem to have enough time in it...)

Hope you all had a good weekend, I did! Excited to see off one of my teammates, Travis, who's competing at the Pan in just a couple days... excited to put into use some new butterfly stuff... did some gardening and cleaned up flower beds that exploded in weeds with all the rain we've had.. also helped my husband install our new oven (and promptly baked cookies in it, just to test it out!)

I will say it's been heaven to train at my new academy. For one thing, I know you'll say bad idea, but I don't feel like I have to take charge of my own training any more. I don't agonize over what my goals should be or what I should be working on next, because I have that much faith in my instructor. I guess it could be seen as lazy? but I'm perfectly content to work on what he tells me to, in the order he chooses to present it. Because I have so much trust in his judgment, and I believe he truly watches us and cares that we're digesting the material, and he's giving it to us in the best order for us to grasp it conceptually. It's also awesome because he rolls with all of us. It's a miserable feeling, in a way, because I'm sure I'm revealing how little progress I'm making or how poorly I am applying his lessons-- but he's very patient, and if I ask questions in the middle, he'll give suggestions and hints. So I feel like there's a finger on the pulse of the academy. Good hands on the reins. Whatever lame analogy I can come up with on a Monday morning.

When I should be working!

The Raptor gi has been worn a bunch, so it's ready for review. I'm about halfway through Emily Kwok's DVD, the B12 instructional, and 1/4 of the way through Drysdale's no-gi one as well. Coming soon, as soon as I can!


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JayB said...

"For one thing, I know you'll say bad idea, but I don't feel like I have to take charge of my own training any more.".

Just the opposite...

Good on you, girl.