Friday, August 03, 2012

Uchi gari.

Our new judo of the week-- the uchi gari.  (Paulo's English is quite good, but this is an example of a cute malaprop-- he calls it a "falldown" instead of a "takedown.")

I'm hungry and sleepy.  Missed an entire WEEK of lunchtime workouts because of the sudden explosion of deadlines in my project du jour at work, made all the more annoying by the postponement of the case entirely which will possibly occur next week.  And the 19 year old kid, with whom I split personal training sessions, was grounded by his parents for getting in a fight at a Whataburger a week ago.  So I'm pretty round this week.

My husband told me I better go to open mat tonight otherwise I'd be cranky.  I did not disagree.

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