Thursday, August 09, 2012

Working on perspective

I've managed to (mostly) maintain the zen serenity of rolling without trying to "win," as well as the pursuit of "attribute-free" jiu jitsu, both inspired in me by Henry Akins.  Surprisingly, rolling with a sunburn helped in both areas... perhaps like rolling with an injury, I was forced to be aware of my every movement.  To avoid certain positions, I had to make better use of others.

Work has been really busy lately (when isn't it?  I keep looking at my calendar at the office, and every time it seems I'll have a lull between deadlines, something comes up and takes over, like a squatter.  It sucks.)  I'm training as often as I can, and happy to be slooowly losing weight.  I'm still gluten-free and dairy-free for fertility purposes, which still sucks a little bit, but not nearly as much as it did a month ago.  I've figured out go-to dishes I can order when we eat out, and I just don't even tempt myself with thoughts of donuts, pizza, pasta etc. any more.

My doctor recently put me on a medication usually taken by diabetics, called Metformin.  For a non-diabetic like me, it's good for egg quality.  However, you better eat it with a LOT of food.  The other night I tried just a bowl of steamed shrimp, with a couple tortilla chips from the bottom of the bag.  I was nauseous, crampy and headachey the next morning for a few hours.  Not worth it.

I've turned 40 years old.  You'd think it would be some kind of monumental "thing"-- but my body still feels good, my mind is good, and I'm not living like what I thought "a forty-year-old" would live like.  I still feel like I'm somewhere in my mid-20s, and only just now do I really truly give myself credit for being a real grownup.  It's kind of funny when colleagues at work and the academy ask my advice-- it's a mind-check for me, because I'm not thinking of myself as any kind of source of wisdom.  Guess I need to catch up!

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