Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday is Watch This Day

My friend and sometimes-instructor Darren Branch (aka Keebler, like the elf) is a Gracie Humaita brownbelt under Donald Park and Royler Gracie.  He runs Evolution BJJ (Gracie Humaita Cleveland) in Ohio, and he has some videos you need to be watching.  Nope, not technique videos.  Short, punchy, often funny, always thought-provoking.

We'll start with this video first... kind of a Django-spaghetti-western meets serious business.  (This is something you might show your friends who wonder if Brazilian jiu jitsu has anything to offer them.  It's funny, but it's serious too, and since Darren is pint-size like me, it's all the more impressive when he demonstrates his self defense.)

Next up, Keebler shares his thoughts on the Olympics removing wrestling from their list... this isn't your usual diatribe.  He's a smart guy with some unusual perspectives, but I imagine you'll see his point.

Stove theory.  I totally identified with this!  What's funny is, Keebler aims this at the grappler-- but I think it highlights an equally important lesson for the coach/corner/instructor.  See what you think.

Keebler's last class teaching at our academy in Austin recently.  (I'm the very short person with red hair in the blue gi.)  Just a taste, and a peek at our academy's current/temporary location.

I'll be featuring some more videos from him in the future-- in the meantime, subscribe to his channel, cool?

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