Thursday, May 30, 2013


I have so many good friends competing at the Mundials this weekend... but a special shout-out to my teammates and training partners, Randy and Tessa, Rebecca, and Ketra.  Break arms and hearts :)

I wish I was able to be there.  There's nothing like the adrenaline and excitement in the Pyramid.  I want to see what kind of reaction Lloyd Irvin draws.  Did you see Mike Fowler's facebook status?  He wrote his most vicious attack on LI yet, and amazingly there are still some people supporting and defending Lloyd.

(If you don't know why someone wouldn't support Lloyd Irvin, hurry over to  and get the background.)

Also, "no more affiliation" my ass.  Here's a list of people who are not ashamed to compete under the Lloyd Irvin flag.  I really wonder what they're thinking!?  So if any of these people would care to comment, I promise to be respectful and offer them a forum to explain, discuss, etc.

Team Lloyd Irvin

WHITE / Senior 1 / Male / Medium-Heavy Jammie Deron Whitfield
BLUE / Adult / Male / Rooster Christopher Duyquan Tran
BLUE / Adult / Male / Rooster Cory Walker
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light-Feather Malachi Edmond
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light-Feather Shane Hill-Taylor
BLUE / Adult / Male / Feather Derrick Holmes
BLUE / Adult / Male / Feather Eric Morales
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light Angelo Claiborne
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light Jonathan Connelly
BLUE / Adult / Male / Middle Devon Daniel Delbrugge
BLUE / Adult / Male / Middle Joseph Justin Ruggiero
BLUE / Adult / Male / Medium-Heavy Joseph Robert Formica
BLUE / Adult / Male / Heavy Todd Allmond
BLUE / Adult / Male / Ultra-Heavy Alfonso Joel Washington Jr
BLUE / Adult / Female / Light-Feather Roya Darvishian
BLUE / Adult / Female / Feather Monica Barlow
BLUE / Adult / Female / Feather Rachel Ranschau
BLUE / Adult / Female / Light Crystal Bradley
BLUE / Adult / Female / Light Katherine Marie Heckman Torralbas
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Light Leo Maggio
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Middle Tye Ryan Murphy
PURPLE / Adult / Female / Light AaRae Alexander
BROWN / Adult / Male / Heavy Roberto Torralbas
BROWN / Adult / Male / Ultra-Heavy Kenneth Vernon Otieno Brown
BROWN / Adult / Male / Ultra-Heavy Wilbur Ross Leonard III
BROWN / Adult / Female / Medium-Heavy Sijara Jihan Eubanks
BLACK / Adult / Male / Middle De'Alonzio Jerome Jackson
BLACK / Adult / Female / Light-Feather Nyjah Easton

Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts
WHITE / Senior 1 / Male / Medium-Heavy Timmy Garcia
BLUE / Adult / Male / Middle Arthur Walcott Ceesay
BLUE / Adult / Male / Middle Wesley Barnes


Anonymous said...

Doesn't DJ Jackson have an outstanding warrant from somewhere in the midwest? It seems like a phone call to that office pointing out when and where he will be this weekend might be appreciated.

Georgette said...

Yeah, and no. It's so expensive to extradite someone across state lines just for a "failure to appear" warrant (what DJ has) that it's nearly useless...

Anonymous said...

These athletes have seen so much more s...., that LI team sounds like paradise to them. I guess... If they were reached out by other teams, they probably have left.

Anonymous said...

Lmao. You are truly pathetic. And just looking for someone to give you attention. Don't you have a job aren't you a prosecutor or something . You must suck ass if and since you have all this time to look up people who just want to train jiu Jitsu. Get a life.

Georgette said...

Anonymous-- I guess you're unaware of this thing called the IBJJF website, which listed competitors by school affiliation? Took me all of thirty seconds. Yup, I guess I must suck ass to have figured that one out.