Wednesday, May 08, 2013

What's new in the Lloyd Irvin rape prevention SEO games?

Sorry I've been out of pocket a while... have a major work project that culminates next Wednesday at 6pm (we hope) and after that I'll be able to breathe a little more easily.

As far as I can tell you, here's what's new:  Lloyd continues his attempts to game the SEO (search engine optimization) system by writing lots of useless press releases containing SEO terminology like rape prevention, rape self defense, Camp Springs Maryland and so on-- and he's writing a lot of garbage on two sites in particular, www.lloydirvin.n*t and www.lloydirvinrapeexposed.c*m.

Yes, that's right, he took over LloydIrvinRapeExposed and is using it to spew his "I'm the real victim" bullshit.  Please don't go there and add to his Google juice.  Instead, please, repost everywhere you can, and give it lots of hits, please.

And there's a new entry in the "keeping it real" field--

That's worth some reposts and hits, too.

Hope you're well.  I'll burrow out of this avalanche of work sometime around the 21st.  Thanks.

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