Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Past and future...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Looking forward and looking back... been a lot of that the last few weeks.

Looking back in part because I'm putting my house on the market in a few weeks. Although everyone who's ever been in it knows how much I love that house, I will admit I have become slightly less attached to it in the last year or so.

Between work travel and spending time at Mitch's house, it's a little easier to envision life in one household once we get married, as opposed to two households, with all the juggling and divided time that entails.

Also looking back because February 12 was the anniversary of the death of Drew Lippolt, college sweetheart and friend. Of course, in perhaps truest Drew spirit, I was a day late in putting flowers on his commemorative bench. I think he'd get a chuckle out of that. Last night I got together with Kaan and Frank, two splendid people and great friends that I met through Drew. Drew's finest legacy, if you ask me, is the network of amazing people he managed to bring together that might have otherwise never interacted but for him and his quirky ways.

Here's to you, Drew... you're still in our thoughts and hearts.

Looking forward -- to buying a house together! Mitch and I have found one we really like-- a nice one-story brick house with two enormous oaks in the front yard... a smallish backyard, but it backs up onto the greenbelt which will never be developed. All in all it's everything we've been looking for, and with some cosmetic changes and some kitchen remodeling, it will be perfect. The next step for us will be to make an offer, but we're getting our mortgage financing ducks all in a row first.

Once we get the house, sell mine, and finish all the changes, we're going to tie the knot. Most likely, in a ceremony at St. Louis, and then come to the house for an old fashioned family reception-- very informal, lots of cake and champagne and family all around, without fuss. Unfortunately looks like that might be early next year-- but I can wait.

Anyway, I better get back to work. Stay warm and cuddle up with your beloved.

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