Wednesday, February 21, 2007

some interior changes too...

I thought my house was arranged as perfectly as it could be, but I was wrong. You can always improve! We made a few changes and it looks even better I think.

Here, we moved the antique Thai teak screen from the living room, where it made the chair stick out a little too far into the traffic lane, into the guest room. We also moved the bed to come out diagonally instead of being straight on with the front windows. We also left the rug in here, where we'd moved it before the Christmas party.

I rearranged the front entry as well... putting my two small chairs closer to the door so people can sit to take off their shoes, and moving the hall tree a little further inside.

Here's the living room, without the screen. We put the empire sideboard in the guest room along one wall to make room for the Christmas tree; once the tree was out, we just moved a rosewood cabinet in its place. The lamps got joggled around, we added a print from the library over the chair, and the hanging Asian paper lantern went to Mitch's (too modern for this old girl.) Instead of the previous floral rug, we're using a seagrass mat.

I also lowered the botanical prints over the sofa, moved them closer together, and put a little sansiveiria in a glossy black pot on the coffee table.

I need to take more photos of the back bedroom too. This weekend will be wholly occupied with getting this house ready-- Mitch is doing touch up exterior painting (assuming I get all the paint colors we need Saturday morning) while I'm taking a few boxes out of the house and doing a deep clean.

Just got back from Mass-- thanks to my paralegal Erica, I now know of a darling little chapel only 2 blocks from my office! Used to be we had to walk blocks and blocks to the Cathedral downtown. Turns out the Diocese has a tiny little chapel (I think it seats 12? maybe 15?) at their office around the corner. It looks like the perfect place for a small, intimate wedding... [busily writes notes in notebook.]

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