Sunday, November 02, 2008

Gracie class 11/1

In the end I got my brief done yesterday-- emailed it to my boss for his review-- and Mitch decided to take a nap, so I was free to go to the Gracie school for the noon class. Then this morning I forgot about resetting the clocks, so I'm up an hour earlier than necessary, which gives me a chance to blog about the class, and to scarf down the last Runts from halloween. Breakfast of champions.

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slideyfoot said...

I think most of the time blogging technique is most useful for the blog author rather than anyone else - like you mentioned, way easier to find techniques on Blogspot (labels etc) than searching through a Word file or something.

Also means you have to really concentrate on how the technique works as the instructor is teaching, because you know that you're going to attempt to write it down later.

I doubt anyone is ever going to actually learn something new (when it comes to a complex physical action) from pure text, though it might help somebody who recognises the technique to refine/modify what they know.

In an ideal world, every BJJ school would have a camera trained on the instructor as they demonstrate technique, then email the link to all the students. If I ever ran a regular class, I'd love to do that. :D