Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gracie class 11/25, morning

Wow.. I felt a lot better after class than I do right now-- mainly because I just ate eight milk chocolate chip-pecan cookies. They weren't big ones, but they were homemade, so they're way richer a breakfast than I needed. I can't believe I just called cookies "breakfast."

We worked an alternating drill-- you're mounted, your opponent scissor sweeps you, you do the knee/arm trap-upa sweep-- back and forth. Another drill was doing whitebelt-killer sweeps from closed guard, then your partner does the knee-in mount escape.

Then I got to roll with Nick twice (he was so mellow today! but he's sore from the last tournament, the round robin in San Antonio, and he's tweaked his knee.) I also rolled with Shane, the tall slender guy, and while I managed to take him down, he's aggressive, and with those long legs of his, he's a real threat.

Yes, I really do try to train every day. :) That's why I say I'm an addict.


Rodney said...

Hey Georgette! Good seeing you last night at class. I was rolling with Trey and said congrats on the blog of the year thing. Anyway. If you rolled with big Nick (blonde hair) be sure to give him some encouragement. After class last night he was pretty frustrated.(if its the same Nick)I told him a good guy to talk to is Donald..really good insights. Hope he hangs in there. I know how it is. See you in class in at the Clements Bldg.

Georgette said...

Hey Rodney! If I know the Nick you're talking about (was he wearing a white gi last night? blondish-reddish hair?) I will do that.

See you around-- class tonight!