Monday, March 16, 2009

Speaking of colored gis...

... I've decided to dye some/all of my white ones. I ordered some high quality fiber reactive dyes from Dharma Trading Company, specifically Procion MX, and I'm looking forward to a grownup version of dipping Easter eggs.

I'm definitely dyeing my A1 Keiko Raca "Chinese Red" (because I washed it with a red tshirt by accident, resulting in some interesting red streaks.)

As far as white gis I have a Gameness, an Atama, and a summerweight Atama, plus the Helio Soneca (can I take the patch off the back and replace it with a Relson one after dyeing?) and the white-with-pink childs' size Keiko. I know I need one gi to be "regulation" so that I can compete in Pan Ams/Mundials someday. Not sure I need to have a regulation gi anytime soon since those days are at least a year off, plus I'm about to buy a Relson Gracie official gi in official blue.

Additional colors are on the way-- peach, baby blue, sage green, light yellow. Yes, Easter eggs. Or Jordan almonds.

I'll post results as they come up!

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