Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Poised for battle!

For those of you interested in my journey at the Pan Ams, you can follow me on Twitter (georgetteoden) because I haven't figured out how to post to the blog or facebook from my cell phone! With that said...

I'm a Leo. I don't really believe much about astrology but as I was writing this post I thought I'd see what the internets had to say about them. said, in part:

"You are a born leader, and you know it. You are blessed with many talents, and a destiny for greatness. The sun is a star; you, then, are the star of the zodiac. Because of this, you are eternally optimistic and cheerful. If something gets in your way, you conquer it, the way a lion will defeat virtually any foe in the jungle. And like a lion, you do so with dignity.
. . .
Like a cat, you are a hunter. You spot your prey, take aim, and pounce on your target. In human terms, this means your ambition is highly focused.

You know you will reach the top; it's just a question of when. Along the way, you are highly organized, frank, and outspoken—all qualities which focus on your target of being the leader."

Keeping that in mind... then I read David Penn's blog Side Control...

"GSP on Hardy, Fighting, Winning

My goal is to win. Tonight, my goal is to win. I did not want to engage the battle where my opponent is the strongest. I wanted to fight him where he is the weakest.

Even though I probably could have stood up with Hardy - it's mathematic (sic). If I were to stand up with Hardy, even though I think, I believe my standup is superior, it would have been a risk because that's his main asset. If I go to the ground then I know my ground is much better than his. So it was smarter for me to go on the ground and take the fight (to) where he is the weakest.

That's how I fight. I want to have a long career and I want to be champion for a long time and I want to be the greatest. I wanted to take him out and to take him out I had to fight him where he was the weakest ..."

I think this is an excellent explication of what I was trying to say a couple days or weeks ago... I wonder about my opponents' strengths for that reason. I am no purist seeking to prove myself worthy in a ritual sense; I want to pounce, to rend, to tear... to take those girls OUT in a way that, as Mia Hamm says, will make them not want to see me (on the mats) again.

In the past I've said I will not be a hedgehog, I will be the wildcat.

Not this time.

This is MY Pan... and I am the lioness.


A.D. McClish said...

Take 'em down and choke 'em out!! :)

Liam H Wandi said...

You are ready. Go draw blood and tear limbs.