Thursday, April 01, 2010

The final stretch...

Unlike the last IBJJF tournament, this time I think I'm doing fine on weight. I absolutely hated the whole "minimize what you eat" thing and I was delighted to weigh exactly ON weight only because it meant I wasn't OVER the limit. I'd much rather have come in a couple pounds under... and this time it seems I will. In a normal, heavy, non-competition weight gi, with tshirt, with heavy belt, today I was 2 lbs under. I'd like to be 5 lbs under when I leave next Wednesday. I won't be training Wednesday night or at all Thursday, so I like to have some wiggle room, plus you never know how touchy their scales are.

Training's been going really well. Tightening up some loosey-goosey spots and enjoying some chill rolls. I've been keeping up with the three-a-days, and emphasizing a full 8 hours of sleep every night. I am listening to my body, which today suggested relaxing a bit, so I did. Nonetheless, among other things today I worked on standing guard passes, S mount, judo grip and throw counters, counters to halfguard passes, sweeps from halfguard, mount retention, attacks from mount and a nifty choke from full guard. My other gym has an infrared sauna and I'm taking advantage of that whenever I can... it does wonders with sore muscles and little tweaks. And trust me, I have a few of those.

Dinner tonight-- a high fiber, high protein whole wheat tortilla wrapped around chicken breast, salsa, cheese, jalapenos, and vegetarian no-fat refried beans... a spinach salad with apples, bell peppers, cashews, and cucumbers, and water. My buddy Phoenix is losing some weight for a fight he has later this month and we've promised each other a fabulous meal when we have these competitions behind us. I kinda think I want a juicy, drippy rare burger with all kinds of good stuff on it. And sweet potato fries.

Tomorrow-- 3 hours open mat, and probably an hour at the other gym, doing weights and some stationary rowing.

Here, some dessert: Braulio Estima v Fernando Margarida, 2006. This is a HELL of a guard-pass battle!

Then watch these-- Marcelo Garcia v Pe de Pano, 2008... a hell of a HALFguard pass battle...

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