Saturday, June 05, 2010

Mundials Day 3....

I am happy to have left my notes in the other room. This is just the off the cuff review... you know a detailed one will be coming in a week or so.

HOT DOG... what a day. I must have been good in another life, because I had some amazing jiu jitsu on my mat. Marcelo Garcia.. Cobrinha... Abmar Barbosa... Penny Thomas.. Val Worthington... Kyra Gracie.. Hillary Williams.. Luanna Alzuguir... and on other mats visible/recordable, Roger Gracie, Romulo Barral, Oli Geddes, Alec Baulding, Tracey Goodell, the Swedish purple belt who won absolute and his division and rocked the house but I can't remember his name... the list goes on and on and on!

My brain's just blown wide open. Just a lot of very very high quality jiu jitsu all stuffed in and overflowing. Thank god for video tape.

Going to bed. Going to the Fightworks Podcast breakfast in the morning before the tourney gets running again. Say a prayer that I have enough battery and tape for tomorrow.

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