Monday, February 28, 2011

Pans camp...

Last night... wrestling training. Today... crossfit, then wrestling drilling, and tonight, wrestling drilling, then a private with Daniel Moraes. Mmmm his top game is just.. tight!

I am inspired by the changes I see in my body. 7 lbs in 7 days. I feel very good aside from a few minor sore muscles (thanks to my renewed attendance at crossfit) and I like eating more healthily. Today was a small exception; I promised a good friend some cookies, and ended up eating some raw cookie dough. I could have helped it, but I chose not to, and paid for it with some extra work. Boooo.

But see what can happen when you put your mind to it? Check out Gabi Garcia's guns in this clip! (Thanks Triin at Fenom Gis for finding it...)

I'm bummed though, I wanted to post a highlight vid of her but I got sick of listening to the n__ this n___ that music. :(

Here's Letty Ribeiro training with Bia Mesquita last year for Worlds. Gotten so that to be successful on an international level, you absolutely have to train full time.

Have a private with Donald on Thursday. Between now and then I have plenty of fun material to incorporate into the menu of treats for Pan diners. Muahahahahaha...


Anonymous said...

I don't post much but I read your blog a lot. I just want to say that a.) thanks for the good reading
b.) you have a really good attitude about jits :)
c.) I'm consistently impressed how you manage to train and balance your personal life/work life as well. My work schedule is pretty rough right now, so training is tough, but seeing how you manage yours is a little inspiration.

Keep it up and good luck.


Liam H Wandi said...

Very proud of all the hard work you are putting in gorgeous. Excellent!

THat short film with B & M is awesome. I have it on my iPod :)


slideyfoot said...

Yeah, it is unfortunate when a highlight video has terrible music. Still, can always put it on mute. :)

Any idea what the snorkel thing is for?

Aparna said...

"Gotten so that to be successful on an international level, you absolutely have to train full time." Unless, apparently, you are Hillary Williams. But I prefer to explain that away as her being a freak of nature, so I don't feel like a lazy ne'er-do-well compared to her.

Georgette said...

@Slidey- the theory is, it limits your air intake, simulating the sensation of really pulling for breath as you would when under heavy exertion.

slideyfoot said...

@Georgette: Ah, right - that makes sense.

@Moodi: Any plans to get Grappling Vet off the ground? ;)

Georgette said...

@Alex, thank you SO MUCH :) it's comments like yours that put an even bigger smile on my face than jits does! I really don't balance my life well at all sadly. Just ask my husband. Jiu jitsu has been a source of near-constant friction pretty much our entire marriage. Right now the uneasy truce we've worked out (for competition season, January-June anyway) is that I can train as much as I want except the week after a tournament I should scale back and make an effort to repay him for his sacrifices. This seems to work so far... but then in nontourney season, I am spoiled and want to keep training all the time, and it's not fair to him. So it's a struggle, trust me.

Where do you train, what do you do, why is work rough now, how long you been at it?

Best of luck to you Alex! :)

Elyse said...

Those vids are definitely a wakeup call.