Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Nutty of the day...

From Jake: "10 minutes of skipping [rope] burns the same calories as 30 minutes of jogging" - Jon Hinds, NBA fitness coach

Floyd Mayweather:

And your non-nutty.... resident badass Tim Kennedy lays down the law. PINK IS FEROCIOUS!

I defy you to watch this and not be motivated to go train... thanks Jodi at CombatSportsReview for finding this:

And last: a handy dandy directory of all the muscles and some ways to exercise them :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey - Thanks for the shout out! I found another inspirational video that will post on the 10th at 5 pm my time.
- I like those pink gloves.
- I'm jealous of Merryweather. I suck at jumping rope.
Take care!