Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hahaha the joke's on me...

Once registration for the Dallas Open closed, the IBJJF updated the competitor lists... now there's *3* of us in middle heavy... and *2* in middle.. and *4* in light, which is my weight class... so I didn't need to register in middle heavy after all! Oh well, what the hell, jiu jitsu is for the smaller person, right? So let's go see what it's like in middle heavy :)

A friend pointed out a new (to me) gi company and I notice they sell chocolate brown gis.. also pink (of course)... and pink and white... and 3 versions of camouflage. Anyway-- check out Yamarashi Kimonos.

Work is really keeping me busy, so I'm not training intensely for the Dallas Open. I'm just going to "wing it" so to speak... wish me luck. Training is going well though; last weekend I attended a Cleber Luciano seminar at my husband's academy and learned a nice counter for a darce-- a sweep into an nontraditional armbar. When I got a chance to roll with Cleber, he showed me one little tweak for escaping side control that made me do the facepalm thing as it was super simple and obvious, yet I didn't do that (yet.)

I'm feeling kind of blah about jiu jitsu right now. I think it's because my ego is getting in the way of my progress. I find myself feeling like I don't need to push myself quite so hard, and I'm tempted to buy a new (clean, tidy, fresh) blue belt because I'm getting tired of people commenting on my shredded ratty looking one. I don't feel like I'm rolling to the level of my belt, if that makes sense. I'm feeling kind of pouty and resentful about the whole making weight thing; I've been going through an "I want to cook" phase lately, sorting out recipes and cookbooks and stuff like that... but I always have this debate in my head about what I "should" and "shouldn't" be eating, and I feel deprived and grumpy. So then I go eat what I shouldn't eat, and get fat, and have all the bad and none of the good. I should either shut up and train and eat healthy food only and be strong and not fat, or I should shut up and train and cook and eat whatever I want and not worry about weight classes. Not hybridize the two.

And Donald's out of town this week and next, which will make it a full month I haven't attended a comp class. Blech.

One last thing... kinda funny (though I hate Britney Spears' music)-- this from Afghanistan...

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