Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Gis for Moldova

Sorry, too busy at work to investigate this option, but a friend in DC (Hi Home Improvement Ninja! update your blog!) suggested I look into crowdsourcing or crowdfunding to get some charitable donations going towards the Moldova project.

Anyone out there have a few minutes to look into this?

How about maybe doing donations through Paypal??

Tonight I will be culling my gi collection and packaging up at least two to head to Rumania!


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Bobby and Amanda said...

Yeah, that would be great if someone could figure out how people could send a little money. I budgeted about $120 total after looking at how much shelves cost, and factoring in $30 cash prizes for the tournament winners.

If there is a surplus in money or gis I will just save it for another project we do with them. Don't worry, the one thing I can do is take tons of pictures so you can see where your money and gis are going.

We also need belts so if you're sending gis then send your old white belts you don't need. I know like every gym in the US has at least like 20 white belts just chilling in a back room somewhere so think of it as spring cleaning.

The count is still 0 gis total!