Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stupid foot still messed up...

Last week, rolling with a friend, I suffered a weird toe/foot injury. You know how people go for a scissor sweep, and the person bases out by widening their knees and getting lower and heavier, so the next sweep they try is the knee push variation?

Well, I based out, but my feet weren't down (with the instep flat on the mat.) Instead, I was up on my toes/the balls of my feet, heels up in the air, but knees still down on the mat. So, when he shoved on my knee, my 2nd and 3rd toes got stuck to the (sticky, humid wrestling) mat while the rest of me went right along with the pressure on my knee. I thought at the time I had either broken both toes or just strained them... now, I'm pretty sure the bones aren't broken, I just have a lavender swelling on the top of my foot kind of like a crossways slice of red onion was inserted under the skin. And it hurts like hell to walk or dig my toes into the mat when I'm rolling. (Not that I have taken a break from walking, or rolling either..)

So I'll be making an appointment with my sports med/ortho guy. He has the best name EVER-- Dr. Joel Hurt. How do you avoid being a sports med guy if you have a name like that? Right, you don't.

Nifty little technique brought to you by Black Eagle... who is now splitting off from the parent company and becoming Predator BJJ Clothing. They're making a TON of new gis including this stellar purple-and-white Raptor version. Their Gold Weave will be called the Sinistro model... the women's gis are Predadoras... they've put in their orders (and my Predators, male versions, are on their way! Will be reviewing soon!)

Sadly, I'm working this weekend though Mitch and his parents and I are in Plano, visiting his brother and sis-in-law. Better get back to the grind. Deadline Tuesday. Then expect a coupla reviews!


Megan said...

Um...I swear almost that exact same thing happened almost 3 weeks ago to me. Scissor sweep, two pops. Not broken but I'm still not able to perform most guard passes.

The podiatrist put a sesamoid patch on the foot and it was great for 2 days, then it started to cause more harm than good so I stopped using it.

Guess I'll spend more time playing from the bottom...

AJ said...

Haha, I've actually seen that guy for my knee! imagine me, mild white coat syndrome finally mustering up the courage to go to the doctor... to have an appointment with Dr. Hurt... good thing they didn't take my blood pressure!