Thursday, June 09, 2011

Rodolfo Vieira tonight. Leticia Ribeiro & Bia Mesquita, Sunday.

I'm driving to San Antonio this afternoon to attend a seminar with Master Julio Pereira and Rodolfo Vieira. Then Saturday, 6x world champion Leticia Ribeiro and 4x world champion Bia Mesquita arrive in Austin, for a ladies-only seminar at my academy on Sunday afternoon.

I'm pretty excited, to say the least :)

Hoping my knee makes it through, it's sore, swollen and stiff again... foot still jacked... neck sore too. Gah, I would say I'm getting old... but I think I'm just getting BJJ.

Also, hush-hush, there's a new website coming soon, focused completely on BJJ aficionados. I haven't gotten the go-ahead from the owners yet, so I can't tell you the address or when it will be open.. but it will be SUPER cool.

I'm going to have some minor surgery next week so I will be off the mats for a bit, which is great, as I want to review the navy blue Vulkan Ultralight, the Dom gi, BJJStyle (a totally cool online and print BJJ magazine you can buy here), and 5 DVD sets. And I will review the Vieira seminar, and the Leticia/Bia double trouble too.

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