Monday, June 06, 2011

Weekend report...

Spent the weekend in Spring TX with family friends and got to roll at a new (to me) school... Team Gacho. They were very welcoming and friendly, and I had a good time at the women's open mat that afternoon. I put in some time doing nogi as well, which was excellent as I rarely train nogi.

My husband jumped out of a fully-functional airplane on Sunday with two friends of ours. This is not on my bucket list, but it was on his, so I was happy to watch and take pictures (will post a couple tonight.) I'm not afraid of it, but I guess I'm just not that interested in it. There's not much challenge to my spirit in that, you could say. I'm actually afraid to bungee jump, so I'm a little more likely to challenge myself with that. But anyways-- one of the friends he jumped with had a chute malfunction and unbeknownst to me on the ground, there were some stressful seconds for her and her tandem instructor until the fabric caught the wind.

I posted additional photos with the hemp gi review and more commentary, so go check that out.

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