Monday, October 10, 2011

Grappler's Quest, Houston 10/8/11

Some videos for your viewing pleasure...

Brownbelt super fight, TJ Waldburger (brown tshirt) v. Marc Stevens (black and white rashie)...

Blackbelt super fight, Bruno Bastos (short sleeve rashie) v. Rafael Lovato Jr. (longsleeve rashie).

Purplebelt womens' absolute semifinals-- Ariadne Burkhart (white gi) v. Monica Carrizales (blue gi).

The other semifinals bracket-- Kelly Fasholz (Bruno Bastos; white gi) v. Lora Hallock (Paragon, black gi).

For bronze:  Lora v. Monica.

For gold: Kelly v. Ariadne.

I really want to blog about the soft porn Manto advertisement but I am away on a business trip.  Might get it up tomorrow night.  Yes, I have the hotly-contested photo itself.  Check back soon.

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