Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Perfect tournament round.

Stealing Leslie's assignment from Kintanon (well, I should start with the first one, which was a grand map of my comfortland in jiu jitsu... but I will do that another time.  When I'm not trying to procrastinate going to bed, and instead have a good solid hour or two for thought.)

The assignment was, what's your ideal tournament round?

1.  Takedown: sasae tsurikomi ashi

2.  Land in half guard (and pass) or in side control.

3.  Americana or armbar on far arm.

It seems so easy when you write it down on a piece of paper.  Not so easy when you're actually doing it live. 


leslie said...

I looked up that throw on youtube, and it looks like you're already able to drop to side control...?

slideyfoot said...

I think mine would go:

1. Sit down in comfy seat

2. Cheer on competitors

3. Eat cheeseburger


Although if I did actually ever compete again, I'd probably look to:

1. Pull guard

2. Tripod sweep/sickle sweep

3. Come up and slide through to side control

4. Americana from there, or move to north south and kimura

In the real world, it would be:

1. Pull guard

2. Get squashed, passed, then trapped in side control

3. Spend the remaining time trying to escape back to guard, then if I got out, hold them in spider guard and fruitlessly try to sweep

Kintanon said...

I'm just going to start posting a weekly homework assignment on my blog for all of you since everyone seems to be adopting it.

Jiujitsunista said...

1. Flying triangle.

2. Win.

Or do you mean something I can actually do?

In that case, it would be one of two things...

1. Pull guard

2. Triangle


1. Any take down in which I do not accidentally fall down myself.

2. Pass (Ideally I think landing in side control would be the best, but if we are talking about an ideal scenario where I am successful all my attempts, I would like to get a guard pass in there. They are so satisfying.)

3. Mount.

4. Armbar.

A.D. McClish said...

LOL @ Slideyfoot!!! Hahahaha! I like your first tournament plan. Especially the part about the cheeseburger. Now I'm hungry.

I don't have a game plan. Focusing on details distracts me. I am a more big picture type of person. I think in terms of

1. Get them down to the ground.

2. Pass

3. Dominant position

4. Look for a submission.

Anne said...

Here's mine, which I've actually managed to execute 3-4 times in competition, (and have executed over 1,000 times in my head while preparing for competition):

1. Single leg takedown

2. Land in 1/2 guard and knee through the middle pass, or land in side control, on my left side.

3. Establish side control to get my pass points, control their near hip and secure deep collar grip.

4. Move towards their head/north-south and attack the far arm.

5. Take the back when they defend.

6. Finish with a collar choke from the back, of rear-naked if it's no-gi.

Kintanon said...

@A.D. McClish
I understand that sometimes it's better to be a big picture thinker, but for training purposes you should have a set few techniques in series that you can train together. It's as simple as filling in a mechanism for each of your existing steps.
How do you get them down to the ground? What pass do you prefer? What position do you want to set up your submission from? Which submission? If you can fill in those things then you can rep them in training hundreds of times until they are so much second nature that you just DO THEM when it matters and your brain can spend time working on anticipating your opponents responses and countering them.