Thursday, April 05, 2012

That Royler pass...

There's a pass one of my teammates has been killing us with lately. I had to ask Donald (our instructor) what it was when I saw it, and last night it was actually part of our curriculum. In short, it's a spinning pass-- you get grips on your opponent's opposite corners, and then you get out of the way while you turn them, like turning a big truck steering wheel.

It's pretty sweet, though I feel like my short little arms have trouble with certain variations of the grips especially if they're in butterfly and they spread their knees out wide. But anyway, it was fun-- until I accidentally kicked a neighboring teammate when I was doing the hip-flip needed. Fortunately she wasn't injured, but the back of my heel-- the place right where your Achilles curves under and becomes the sole of the foot-- is so incredibly tender I almost can't walk on it. Gah.

One of Jason Scully's videos came out today-- 29 sub escapes/defenses in 8 minutes.  Check it out.

Last night, I made pork loin medallions with a garlic-onion-mustard cream sauce. If you've ever eaten a Philly cheesesteak at Texadelphia in Austin, you've probably put their creamy mustard sauce all over it-- and this is a dead ringer for it. I was so excited to discover this-- now I have the perfect addition to my French dip-type sandwiches at home.

Dealing with still crazy deadline pressure at work, but I will be training tonight 9-10:30pm. It will be good stress relief.

Have a good day y'all!

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